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Back Pain

Every ache and pain in our bodies has an underlying cause. This is especially true for back pain. Though medication can offer temporary relief, it cannot correct functional problems of negatively affected spinal joints.

Chiropractic care is a more natural approach to treating back pain than constant medicating and invasive procedures. Moreover, chiropractic care is safe! We look to correct the underlying cause of the problem rather than simply masking the pain.

Back pain is a warning sign. There are 24 moving bones in the spine with 31 pairs of spinal nerves.  These spinal nerves control and coordinate every function of the human body.  Due to many reasons these 24 spinal bones can shift out of their normal alignment and position causing stress and pressure irritating the spinal nerves.  When spinal nerves become irritated they will lead to a dys-function to that spinal nerve and anything it supplies.  This may happen without any pain present, which is why we look at your entire spine during the examination process.  When the nerves become irritated enough back pain signals the brain, sometimes this can happen much later down the road after an injury or trauma. 

Adjusting techniques are modified for each individual patient according to their unique spinal issues. Your first visit will consist of an evaluation. During this session you will go through a thorough history and consultation process . From there, our chiropractor will do a through spinal exam including any necessary orthopedic tests and a global assessment of the spine and extremities.  If necessary we will order an on-site motion x-ray which would help both you and the doctor understand your specific condition better. Specific adjustments would then be administered to help improve your spinal function.

After receiving your recommended care program, you may choose to continue with some type of periodic care. Keep in mind, regular chiropractic visits can help detect and resolve new problems before they become serious.

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