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Near Normal -

This near normal x-ray is a side view of a patient looking to the right. While looking at the picture realize that the white boxes are the bones, with the black spaces in between representing the disc spaces. The most important thing to look at is the normal healthy curve in the neck. It is in the shape of a backward "C" similar to a banana. The other thing you will notice is that all of the bones should look the same way. They should have a nice smooth squared texture, with a thick black space in-between leaving plenty of room for the nerve to exit to the rest of the body.

When Subluxations occur and are left uncorrected, they will continue to deteriorate the spine over a patient's life. This will result in damage to the structure and function of the spine along with nerve damage and the resulting problems caused from improper nerve supply.


Phase One Subluxation Degeneration

Phase One Subluxation Degeneration is seen in Subluxations that have been present for up to twenty years. This phase is characterized with a loss or change in the normal curve in the spine. Take time to notice how straight the neck is in this picture. Continuing with the banana analogy what would happen to the banana if you straighten it out? You would damage it. It would break, or be stretched, or damaged. That is what happens to the delicate nerves in your neck, they are straightened out, stretched, and damaged. The disc spaces have begun to exhibit a decrease in their thickness. If you look at the front of the bones, you will notice they are smooth with no rough edges (arthritis). Chiropractic reconstructive care for Phase One Subluxation Degeneration can take from 6 to 18 months. More than 80% of people with Phase One Subluxation Degeneration have no pain. Therefore, if left uncorrected, phase one continues to progress with time until it eventually reaches the next phase.

Phase Two Subluxation Degeneration

Phase Two Subluxation Degeneration is normally seen with Subluxations that have been present between 20 and 40 years. Each phase will have the same problems as the one before it; however there will be significantly greater concerns with each degenerating phase. There is a loss of the normal curve as before. In addition the picture shows the bones decaying and you notice arthritic spurs coming off the right side of the bones. You will also notice the disc space is shrinking, decaying, and rotting out. An MRI of this neck will traditionally show significant chocking of the nerves and pressure on the spinal cord. These nerves, as you remember, control every function in your body, thus any pressure is serious and unwanted. Although most people with Phase Two Subluxation Degeneration may not exhibit any symptoms, some may start to feel stiff or achy. Chiropractic reconstructive care for patients in phase two will range from 1 year to 2.5 years. Again, if Phase Two Subluxation Degeneration is left uncorrected it slowly advances to the next phase. When Subluxations occur and are left uncorrected, they will continue to deteriorate the structure of the spine, in the form of arthritis; and the function of organs (like the heart, lungs, stomach, reproductive), over a patient's life resulting in critical damage as a result from improper nerve supply.


Phase Three Subluxation Degeneration -

Three Subluxation Degeneration is seen with Subluxations that have been uncorrected and decaying for over 40 years. Phase three is a severe condition that will harmfully affect the patient's quality and length of life. This phase is marked by tremendous amounts of neurological damage caused by years of uncorrected Subluxations that have lead to this phase are taking a serious toll on this person's health status. The picture shows severe structural changes. The disc spaces appear to be absent (destroyed); the bones appear to be fused or fusing themselves together causing a number of other health issues. This phase is uncorrectable, and only minimal relief can be obtained. This x-ray is categorized by the statement "I wish I would have taken care of myself earlier in life".

People age and degenerate at different rates, while others repair and heal at different rates, too. The further along your spine may be with Subluxation Degeneration the more strenuous and time consuming your road to health will be. This is why we recommend you have your children checked for Subluxation to stop and prevent the advancement of Subluxation Degeneration. We must always remember spinal problems run in families and the earlier the problems are detected the less damage that can occur later in life.   

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